The Miracle Project® (TMP), a highly-acclaimed, award-winning creative arts program, is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area!

De Colores Arts has joined hands with The Miracle Project® to bring its dynamic performing arts program, specially designed for individuals with disabilities as well as those who are typically-abled, to Redwood City.

On August 14-18, 2017, we kicked off our program with a community workshop presented by Elaine Hall at Wings Learning Center in Redwood City, CA. The workshop took place from 1-5pm.

A longer series of workshops will follow in the fall, creating hands-on opportunities for young adults of all abilities. The program will use the mediums of acting, singing, dancing and theater production to promote social development, inclusion and community engagement.



Founded in 2004 by Elaine Hall, a film and TV acting coach and mother of an autistic son, The Miracle Project® was established for individuals with autism and other disabilities, as well as for their typically developing peers. It is recognized as the first systematic, evidence-based program to introduce theatre and performing arts, with goals of enhancing quality of life and relationships and changing negative societal stereotypes about disabilities. TMP has been proven effective in supporting social and communication skills, easing anxiety and strengthening relationships. HBO’s EMMY Award winning film, Autism: The Musical, documented the TMP process.

For questions, please feel free to email us at: or call (415) 578-0410. Sign up below. 

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