©Alex Mitchell

©Alex Mitchell

Life is a lot like the process of making art.  You cannot avoid the parts you dread.  You cannot skip ahead.  Forcing the pace is counterproductive.  You may feel more effective if you’re doing a million things at the same time, but that’s only an illusion.  Because you’re avoiding the real deal by being too busy.  You’re not actually getting ahead, you’re going in circles.  And Life is about moving forward.  Give the present moment all your attention in spite of the overwhelming urge to get up and run.  If you approach this moment with curiosity and an open mind to discovery, then you will be moving forward with anticipation for what’s next.  Because what’s next is just another way of saying change.  And change is the only thing in Life that is 100% irrefutably guaranteed.

Written by Alex Mitchell 

The artist and inspirational art-book author Alex Mitchell is a born storyteller who loves sharing her life through art.  She created a series of three poem picture books with tender and humorous poems for readers of all ages.  Currently she’s happily obsessing over her latest picture book project.


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