Aaron is a young man who enjoys movement and music. The combination of both makes him most happy. He has a natural rhythm and loves music with a fast beat. Even when he was as young as six, he was called The Dancer at school. When he was thirteen he played a part in the musical, Free to Be You and Me, by Marlo Thomas. He enjoys playing the drums. In August 2017 he was a one of the pioneering actors in the first The Miracle Project workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Besides dancing, listening to music and reading he enjoys the outdoors and being around his friends. Among his favorite music genres are reggae, hiphop, classical, salsa and Christmas music. He is a natural dancer and moves with grace, twirling around at a blistering speed.

Although Aaron is nonverbal, he communicates with a keypad on his iPad. He also vocalizes and sings, giving his voice unique tones and sounds.

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